A Flexible new Design & Processing Technology that permit a variety of new product executions to be made.

IsoGrid Technology is designed to enhance the structural integrity of thin-wall structures prone to Buckling related failure modes. Isogrid enhances the performance of these new thin-wall products without sacrificing structural integrity.

The Array of Integral Monolithic Raised Ribs can be Optimized by using a variety of different Materials, Dimensions and/or Orientations. The ribs permit the wall thickness of conventional composite products to be made thinner, thereby reducing weight.

IsoGrid is the next generation of composite technology.

The unique structure of Isogrid allows designers to push the performance levels of conventional composites by using an array of carbon fiber ribs to reinforce an ultra-thin, double-butted outer shell. Reducing total structure weight while yielding tubes that are stronger, stiffer and more durable than conventional composite tubes.

The orientation, size and density of the actual ribs allow engineers to tune the performance levels to the specific requirements of each application, depending on loads being applied. Simply stated - Isogrid allows designers to put material where they need it... and remove it from where they don't.

Because the Isogrid process involves molding the various carbon layers against an outer female mold, the individual layers can be tailored to the needs of the tube and allow infinite "butting" profiles, both along the length of the tube and around its circumference. This type of optimization is unique to molding processes and is used in conjunction with Isogrid to optimize each tube design.
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