Market Opportunities

Aerospace actuator rods can be made lighter and stronger with VYATEK's technologies.
IsoRib® & IsoGrid® arrows deflect less at launch, so more energy is converted to speed... and reduce oscillations improving accuracy.
IsoGrid® & ExoGrid® can shave precious pounds from the structural members in race cars... as well as make "fail-safe" structures.
Like race cars, IsoGrid® & ExoGrid® can eliminate weight in go-karts... and/or add stiffness and strength.
Sport-bikes can benefit from the stiffness gains and weight savings associated with VYATEK's technologies.
Lighter IsoGrid® spinnaker poles make the boats faster and sail reconfiguration is easier on the crew.
IsoGrid® ski poles are lighter and stiffer then their aluminium counterparts.
IsoGrid® can shave precious weight from the structural members of sport and everyday chairs.
IsoGrid® & Bi/Fusion™ kayak paddles are the lightest & strongest made.
Vyatek technologies offer significant benefit to golfers of all abilities through Hybrex™ Golf.
IsoGrid® and ExoGrid® are been used in bicycles to reduce weight and add stiffness.